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We have industrial and logistics warehouses specialized in manufacturing or storage.

Logium Industrial Properties

At Logium Group, we pride ourselves on being leaders in industrial and logistics real estate solutions. We understand the critical role that manufacturing and storage facilities play in the modern industrial and logistics sectors, and we're committed to delivering the best solutions to meet these needs.

Property in our Portfolio

Our extensive portfolio includes a variety of industrial and logistics warehouses specially designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you're involved in manufacturing, storage, distribution, or a combination of all, we have the facilities to support your business operations.

Our industrial warehouses are designed with the manufacturer in mind. With ample space for assembly lines, machinery, and storage, these warehouses are perfect for any manufacturing business. These structures offer the versatility needed to adapt to different manufacturing needs.


Each property in our portfolio offers a host of features tailored to meet the specific demands of the industrial sector. With high ceilings for storage optimization, large open floor spaces for efficient manufacturing, and loading docks for effective distribution, our properties have everything you need to run an efficient operation.

Logistics Warehouses: For those in the logistics industry, our warehouses offer top-notch storage solutions. They come with high ceilings that allow for vertical storage optimization, meaning you can store more goods in less space. Moreover, they are equipped with multiple loading docks that ensure smooth loading and unloading of goods.